talks, presentations, testimony

How Much Does Alexa Remember? The Fourth Amendment in a Digital World, panel presentation at the Fifth Circuit Judicial Conference, Austin, TX, May 2018

Law Enforcement Access to Encrypted Information, presentation at the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association Sunny Climate Seminar, Hawaii, HI, November 2017

The Newest Front in the Crypto Wars, keynote at Security B-Sides DC, Washington, DC, October 2016

Digital Assets: Private and Unclaimed, CLE event at Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco, CA, April 2016

Can They Hear Me Now? Practicing Law in an Age of Mass Surveillance, plenary panel presentation at ABA Techshow, Chicago, IL, March 2016

Five Easy Ways to Better Protect Your Clients’ Data and Communications, presentation with Whitney Merrill at ABA Techshow, Chicago, IL, March 2016

Fighting for Internet Security in the New Crypto Wars, keynote at Hack In the Box Security Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 2015

PII and Bitcoin, panel presentation at Privacy Identity Innovation (PII) 2014, Palo Alto, CA, November 2014

Computer Crime, panel presentation at the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers' 10th Annual Defending the White Collar Case Seminar, Washington, DC, November 2014

Digital Assets: Planning for Incapacity and End of Life, presentation with Megan Yip to the Marin County Bar Association, San Rafael, CA, August 2014

The Big Chill: Legal Landmines That Stifle Security Research and How to Disarm Them, briefing with Kevin Bankston and Trey Ford at Black Hat USA, Las Vegas, NV, August 2014

Bitcoin as a Liberty-Enhancing Technology: Case Studies in Financial Censorship and the SOPA Saga, presentation with Rainey Reitman at Bitcoin 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 2014

Privacy, Speech, and Tech Policy in the Context of Bitcoin, presentation at Inside Bitcoins, Berlin, Germany, February 2014

The Laws and Ethics of Trustworthy Technology, presentation at TrustyCon, San Francisco, CA, February 2014

Q&A after screening of The Internet's Own Boy with director Brian Knappenberger, Sundance Film Festival, Park City, UT, January 2014

Rapid7 Rapid Fire, panel discussion at the UNITED Security Summit, Boston, MA, August 2013

Hacker Law School, presentation with Jim Rennie at DEFCON 21, Las Vegas, NV, July 2013

What Security Researchers Need to Know About Anti-Hacking Law, briefing at Black Hat USA, Las Vegas, NV, July 2013

Legal Considerations for Cellular Research, turbotalk with Kurt Opsahl at Black Hat USA, Las Vegas, NV, July 2013

Aaron's Law and the Future of CFAA Reform, panel at CNET, San Francisco, CA, July 2013

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: Transformation After Tragedy, panel at University of California Hastings College of the Law, San Francisco, CA, March 2013

Legal Bootcamp for Mobile Developers, workshop with Charles Mudd, Jr. at SXSW Interactive, Austin, TX, March 2013

The Fifth Amendment and Compelled Decryption, presentation at the United States District Court for the District of Arizona Annual Conference, Tucson, AZ, March 2013

Redefining "Cybercrime" After Aaron Swartz, presentation sponsored by the University of Washington Debate Union, Seattle, WA, March 2013

The Loophole: Federal Crimes Not Being Addressed, panel at the RSA Conference 2013, San Francisco, CA, February 2013

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: Swartz, Auernheimer, and Beyond, presentation with Orin Kerr at ShmooCon, Washington, DC, February 2013

Privacy of Internet, Social Media and Mobile Transactions Under Federal and California Law, panel at the State Bar of California Annual Meeting, Monterey, CA, October 2012

Tracking the Trackers: Privacy Protection in the Internet Age, panel at the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference, Maui, HI, August 2012

Crypto and the Cops, presentation at DEF CON 20, Las Vegas, NV, July 2012

Know Your Rights in School, discussion at DEF CON Kids, Las Vegas, NV, July 2012

Anonymous and the Online Fight for Justice, panel at DEF CON 20, Las Vegas, NV, July 2012

Know Your Rights: Protecting Your Data From the Cops, presentation at HOPE Number Nine, New York, NY, July 2012

The Role of the U.S. Government in Cyberspace, panel at the Senior Leader Conference XLIX, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, June 2012

Testimony urging the Library of Congress to grant exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act allowing users to jailbreak smartphones, tablets, and video game consoles before the Copyright Office on the 2012 DMCA anti-circumvention exemption rulemaking, Washington, DC, June 2012, and Los Angeles, CA, May 2012

Defending Privacy at the U.S. Border: A Guide for Travelers Carrying Digital Devices, presentation with Seth Schoen at SOURCE Boston, Boston, MA, April 2012, and Black Hat Europe, Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 2012

Legal Issues in Mobile Security Research, presentation at CanSecWest, Vancouver, Canada, March 2012

Should I Sue? The Perils of Litigation in the Age of Anonymous, panel at the RSA Conference, San Francisco, CA, February 2012

Encryption, Passwords and Data Security: The Latest on the Law and Best Practices, presentation with Jay Radcliffe at ShmooCon, Washington, DC, January 2012

Emerging Issues in Computer Crime Law: United States v. Jones, keynote at the 5th Annual Osgoode Law Technology Crime and Electronic Evidence Symposium, Toronto, Canada, October 2011

The Law of Carrying and Capturing Packets, presentation with Kevin Bankston at Hacker Halted, Miami, FL, October 2011

Know Your Digital Rights., presentation at Hackmeet at Noisebridge hackerspace, San Francisco, CA, October 2011

The Ethics of Research on Tor Users, panel at the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, Waterloo, Canada, July 2011

The Latest Developments in Computer Crime Law, presentation at SOURCE Seattle, Seattle, WA, June 2011

Commentor on Bruce Boyden's Can a Computer Intercept Your Email? at the Privacy Law Scholars Conference, Berkeley, CA, June 2011

Citizen vs. Government, panel presentation at Crossing Boundaries International Media Conference, Berkeley, CA, March 2011

The Law of Web Application Hacking, presentation at CanSecWest, Vancouver, Canada, March 2011

The Wikileaks Releases: Security and Transparency, panel at Cyber Attacks: International Cybersecurity in the 21st Century, Fordham International Law Journal Symposium, Fordham Law School, New York, NY, February 2011

The Law of Computer Search and Seizure, presentation at ShmooCon, Washington, DC, January 2011

Privacy, Identity and Innovation, Tech Policy Summit panel at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, NV, January 2011

The Law of Computer Search and Seizure, presentation at ToorCon, San Diego, CA, October 2010

FOIA workshop with Jennifer Lynch at Progressive Lawyering Day, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA, October 2010

Privacy and Personal Data Protection in the United States, presentation at International Seminar: Privacy and Personal Data Protection, São Paulo, Brazil, October 2010

How to Get Your FBI File (and Other Information You Want From the Federal Government), presentation at DEFCON 18, Las Vegas, NV, July 2010

FOIA workshop at Noisebridge hackerspace, San Francisco, CA, April 2010

Open government training at the California Appellate Project, San Francisco, CA, February 2010

Cyberspace—The Black Hole Where Ethics, Strategy, and Technology Collide, panel at the 5th Annual National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) White Collar Crime Conference, New York, NY, October 2009

Presentation at New Media 2012 — Where the Hell is This All Headed, Anyway?, Langley Multimedia Arts and Technology Center, Langley, WA, September 2009

The Year in Computer Crime Cases, panel at DEFCON 17, Las Vegas, NV, July 2009

Best Practices for Online Service Providers: The Communications Decency Act and Accusations of Defamation and Other Bad Behavior, presentation at the Electronic Frontier Foundation Bootcamp 2.0, Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco, CA, May 2009

Post-9/11 Secrecy in Government Intelligence and Law Enforcement, panel at the California First Amendment Coalition Annual Free Speech and Open Government Assembly, Berkeley, CA, October 2008

"Free" Information: Using Open Records Laws Effectively, panel at the Bar Association of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, October 2008

How to Discover and Challenge Warrantless Digital Searches and Seizures, presentation with Jennifer Granick at the 2008 Criminal Justice Act Panel Seminar, San Francisco, CA, June 2008

Open Government, panel at the Special Libraries Association/Northern California Association of Law Libraries Sunshine Week Event, San Francisco, CA, March 2008

Best Practices For Online Service Providers: Defamation and the Communications Decency Act, presentation with Jennifer Lloyd Kelly at the Electronic Frontier Foundation Bootcamp 2.0, Mountain View, CA, October 2007

What Do You Get Through Access to Information (FOI)?, panel at Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference, Montreal, Canada, April 2007

Surveillance and Secrecy, panel at Civil Rights in the 21st Century, Civil and Equal Rights Committee, Pennsylvania Bar Association, Philadelphia, PA, April 2007

Who's Looking Over Your Shoulder? Common Tracking Devices and Privacy Rights, presentation at the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, Cleveland, OH, November 2006

Marketing and Advertising in the Next Tech-ade, panel at Public Hearings on Protecting Consumers in the Next Tech-ade, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC, November 2006

Privacy Rights in a Time of Full Disclosure, panel at the International Air Transport Association/Singapore Aviation Academy Conference on Passenger Facilitation, Singapore, October 2005

Freedom of Information Act, panel at the Society of English and American Lawyers, London, UK, April 2005

Identification Everywhere Else: U.S. ID Developments, presentation at Keeping an Eye on the Panopticon: Workshop on Vanishing Anonymity, Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference, Seattle, WA, April 2005

Electronic Surveillance: the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, presentation at the National Defender Investigator Association National Training Conference, Chicago, IL, April 2005

Federal/State Trends in Privacy, panel at the International Association of Privacy Professionals National Summit, Washington, DC, March 2005

Freedom of Information From an International Point of View, panel at the Sunshine on Public Data Conference, Central European University Center for Media and Communication Studies, Budapest, Hungary, October 2004

"Under the Tent" Lecture Series: Homeland Security, panel at the Contemporary American Theater Festival, Shepherdtown, WV, July 2004

Google's Gmail and Future of Webmail, presentation at the Fifteenth Annual Advanced Computer and Cyberspace Law Seminar at the University of Dayton School of Law, Dayton, OH, June 2004

Who Are You? The Basics of Identity, Authentication and Privacy Today, panel at Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference, Oakland, CA, April 2004

Privacy and Civil Liberties Issues in Computing Applications Research and Development, workshop at Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference, Oakland, CA, April 2004

Civil Liberties in the United States After 9/11, presentation at the War and Surveillance Society Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, March 2004

Internet Privacy: 9/11 and the Cybercrime Convention, presentation at the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, Tokyo, Japan, March 2004

Privacy Impact Assessments and Other Issues, panel at the International Association of Privacy Professionals Privacy and Data Security Summit, Washington, DC, February 2004