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The WannaCry Hero Has One of the Best Computer Crime Lawyers Around--Meet Marcia Hofmann, Forbes

WannaCry Ransomware Hero Won’t Go to Prison for Creating Banking Malware, CNN

What’s Next for DNA Privacy: Catching Killers, Ancestry Sites and the Fourth Amendment, The Recorder

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Biometrics Good, Not Great, Security, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin 

To Beat Crypto, Feds Have Tried To Force Fingerprint Unlocking in 2 Cases, Ars Technica 

Police Can Force You to Use Your Fingerprint to Unlock Your Phone, The Atlantic 

Cybersecurity Experts Offer Stern Warnings, Tips for Security in Mass-Surveillance Era, ABA Journal

If We Want Strong Encryption, We'll Have To Fight For It, Help Net Security 

Why the Constitution Can Protect Passwords But Not Fingerprint Scans, Time

Cops Can Force You To Unlock Phone With Apple Touch ID, Judge Rules, Huffington Post

Bitcoin May be Volatile But Has Value Beyond Price Point, USA Today

Google and Apple Won't Unlock Your Phone, But a Court Can Make You Do It, Wired 

2014 Women of Influence, SC Magazine 

Massachusetts High Court Orders Suspect to Decrypt His Computers, Ars Technica

US Cybercrime Laws Being Used to Target Security Researchers, The Guardian 

Hackonomics: The Cost of Getting Caught, ZDNet 

Weev Talks About Life In Prison And His Plans To Open A Hedge Fund, TRO LLC, TechCrunch 

After Obama's NSA Speech, Tech Companies Wait and See, Wall Street Journal

For Twitter, Free Speech is a High-Wire Act, Wall Street Journal 

Black Hat: Digital Rights Lawyer Advises Researchers on Navigating Legal Landscape, SC Magazine 

Why Stifling Hackers May Not be a Good Thing, Marketplace Tech, National Public Radio

11 Talks You Don't Want to Miss at Black Hat 2013, SC Magazine

When 'Smart Homes' Get Hacked: I Haunted A Complete Stranger's House Via The Internet, Forbes 

CFAA Loopholes and Gotchas Discussed at Black Hat, Threatpost 

Federal Judge Allows Chevron to Track Environmental Advocates, Sustainable Business

Hacker's Appeal Paints Him as a Whistle-blower, Courthouse News Service

Hacker Weev Appeals AT&T Security Breach Conviction, Mashable 

U.S. 'Hacker' Crackdown Sparks Debate Over Computer-Fraud Law, Time 

US 'Hacktivist' Jailed Over AT&T Network Attack, BBC News

'Aaron's Law' Suggests Reforms To Computer Fraud Act (But Not Enough To Have Protected Aaron Swartz), Forbes

Chevron Subpoenas in Ecuador Suit Challenged in Court, Bloomberg 

Their Apps Track You. Will Congress Track Them?, New York Times

Tor: An Anonymous, And Controversial, Way to Web-Surf, Wall Street Journal 

Twitter Gives Occupy Protester's Tweets to U.S. Judge, Reuters 

AT&T to Sponsor Zero-Day Contest For Kids, Dark Reading 

The FTC, 'Your Privacy Watchdog,' Does Have Some Teeth, Forbes 

It's Tinkerers v. Hollywood as Copyright Office Mulls New Jailbreaking Rules, Wired 

FCC Metes Out Light Penalty for Google in Street View Case, Washington Post 

Mobile Security Research Rife With Legal Pitfalls, Threatpost

Court: Unscrambling Hard Drive is Unconstitutional, National Public Radio

Apps Need to Stop Stealing Contacts From Phones, San Francisco Chronicle

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The Pest Who Shames Companies Into Fixing Security Flaws, Wired Magazine 

The Hacker Law, On the Media, National Public Radio

Hackers Give Web Companies a Test of Free Speech, New York Times 

Silencing Wikileaks a Free Speech Challenge for the U.S., All Things Considered, National Public Radio 

Google Says Mistakenly Got Wireless Data, Reuters 

When Tweets Can Make You a Jailbird, Associated Press

A Friend Request From the U.S. Government, Marketplace, National Public Radio

Intelligence Improperly Collected on U.S. Citizens, New York Times

Suit Wants Details About Cops' Online Probes, San Francisco Chronicle

U.S. Puts Government on the Web, National Public Radio

Facebook Withdraws Changes in Data Use, New York Times 

Laptop Searches at Border Tighten, Associated Press

Expanded Powers to Search Travelers at Border Detailed, Washington Post

Gag Order Lifted For Students Who Hacked Subway Card, The Register 

Online Library Gets FBI to Back Off, San Francisco Chronicle

Just Between Us, Newsweek

F.B.I. Gained Unauthorized Access to E-Mail, New York Times 

Clarity Sought on Electronic Searches, Washington Post 

FBI Email Shows Rift Over Warrantless Phone Record Grabs, Wired

F.B.I. Data Mining Reached Beyond Initial Targets, New York Times 

Point, Click . . . Eavesdrop: How the FBI Wiretap Net Operates, Wired

Army Brass, Not Bloggers, Breach Security, Wired

Gonzales Was Told of FBI Violations, Washington Post

FTC: Policing Online Ads is "Daunting Task," CNET News

Internet Privacy Group Files Complaint Against AOL, Washington Post

He Ain't Heavy, He's Big Brother, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart 

New Travel Plan Would Require In-Depth Checks,

More Information Sought on FBI Spying, The Washington Post

At F.B.I., Frustration Over Limits on an Antiterror Law, New York Times 

Nun Terrorized by Terror Watch, Wired

Social Security Opened Its Files for 9/11 Inquiry, New York Times

US-VISIT Delays Foreign Airlines, Washington Post 

FBI Keeping Records on Millions of Air Travelers Who Flew in Months before Sept. 11, Associated Press

Homeland Security Given Data on Arab-Americans, New York Times

Airlines Gave F.B.I. Millions of Records on Travelers After 9/11, New York Times